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Ten things you didn’t know you could do with gin

Gin. How we love it. Add a swirl of tonic, a sprig of rosemary and a twist of orange peel, and you have the perfect sundowner.

Mix it up into your favourite cocktail, and you’ll taste happiness.

But did you know there’s a whole lot you can do with gin that has nothing to do with drinking it?

Surprise kitchen aid

A lot of people have found ways to cook with gin, adding it to everything from cakes to pasta. But gin can actually also be used as a pickling agent (add a splash to the brine to get interesting flavour), and can also added to pie crusts, instead of water.

Super clean

Out of detergent? A spritz of gin can be used to soak away common household nasties like mould and mildew. It’s the alcohol that gets the spores, so be sure to let them soak a while before you wipe the gin away.

Fresh air

It’s the fresh taste of juniper berries that give gin its trademark flavour – and they can do wonders for stale rooms, too. Spray a little gin, mixed with essential oil into a room, and voila. Worried your house will smell like a bar? Don’t be – the alcohol evaporates.

Personal hygiene

Gin’s pretty tough on bacteria. That makes it a fantastic mouthwash, and you can even use it to freshen up your feet. It also makes a good aftershave, and adding a splash to your shower gel turns into a bacteria-fighting superhero.

Cure arthritis

Gin was, in fact, invented as a cure for kidney ailments, so its medicinal uses probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. Apparently, gin-soaked raisins can help soothe aching joints – probably because of a reaction between the juniper, the grapes and the sulphur dioxide used to turn them into raisins