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Ten things you didn’t know you could do with gin
Gin. How we love it. Add a swirl of tonic, a sprig of rosemary and a twist of orange peel, and you have the perfect sundowner. Mix it up into your favourite cocktail, and you’ll taste happiness. But did you know there’s a whole lot you can do with gin that has nothing to do with drinking it?
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The best Easter themed cocktails
This Easter, we’re inviting you to have another cocktail and blame it on the bunny! Read on for the most delicious and decadent drinks to add a dash of pizazz to your Easter brunch.
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Make mine a brandy
Did you know that South African brandy is considered to be among the finest in the world, consistently doing us proud at international awards shows?
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The Ultimate Home Bar Accessories
Setting up your home bar can leave you feeling as muddled the lime in your daiquiri. The good news: you don’t actually need tons of gear to stir up the best cocktails or pull a fantastic pint. It all comes down to the following essentials.
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Ditch wine menu anxiety!
If you don’t know your merlot from your Malbec, that moment when a waiter hands you the wine menu can be one of pure panic. But don’t worry: we’ve got hacks to help you navigate even the most complex menu!
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Wine Tasting 101
Not sure why that smart-looking guy just announced he could taste lawn clippings in his glass of red? Follow our basic steps, and you can be swilling and spitting with the best of them.
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What to drink when you’re trying to lose weight
If you made it through Dry January, congratulations! But what if you’re still fighting off December’s excesses? The good news: you don’t have to continue your drinks drought. Here are some options that are lighter in calories and sugar. Some are even good for you!
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How to buy a good bottle without breaking the bank
Nothing bites the budget quite like the beginning of the year. The problem is that we don’t stop having champagne tastes just because we’ve got beer money! Happily, it’s possible to buy a good bottle of wine without spending a fortune – you just have to know how.
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Bubbles made simple
Why is one bottle of bubbles called Champagne and another Cava, when they look and taste pretty similar? Read on to find out.
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South Africa gets crafty
While there will always be a place in your drinks cabinet for tried and tested international brands, it’s exciting to see that South Africa has spawned a vibrant and ever-changing craft alcohol industry.
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